Free Book Bus visits PACEM

Free Book Bus visits PACEM

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A mobile bookstore is helping to serve the homeless community in Charlottesville. People and Congregations Engaged with Ministry (PACEM) visited the women’s shelter on Wednesday.

The bus has come to visit the women's shelter a few times and guests love it. They say it's a great way to help relieve stress.

The bus not only serves as an activity but also as an educational tool.

"It's probably especially important for our guests, but it's a way of engaging and furthering education and just learning about the outside world and remaining engaged with the outside world, Jayson Whitehead, PACEM ED, said.

Right now, the Free Book Bus comes once a month. During that time, the owner takes specific requests then has the books available when she returns.

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