Delegate Sally Hudson holds mid-legislative session townhall

Delegate Sally Hudson holds mid-legislative session townhall
A constituent takes a photo of Sally Hudson during a mid-session town hall in Charlottesville. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - It’s the halfway point of the Virginia General Assembly’s legislative session, and 57th District Delegate Sally Hudson has returned to Charlottesville to get some feedback from constituents and answer questions.

Hudson held a town hall Sunday night at Cityspace in downtown Charlottesville. She fielded questions from voters ranging from marijuana legalization to gun control bills.

“I think that’s the best part of having a citizen legislature," Hudson said. "The best part is we stay grounded in our communities, we come home on the weekends, and we get all of that input. All of this is about taking the voice of our community to Richmond, and you can’t do that if you don’t talk to people face to face.”

The delegate also spoke about some of the challenges she’s faced so far as a freshman legislator. One thing she referenced at several times was the short length of the session often makes it harder to get bills passed.

“This has been a really exciting and historic session," Hudson said. "There’s so much good work that we can do in Richmond, after the leadership turnover, and I just feel really fortunate to serve in an engaged community like this one where everyone wants to turn out and hear how things are going.”

Crossover day, when the House of Delegates and Senate will exchange bills to work on a version that will go before Governor Ralph Northam to sign, is Tuesday, February 11.

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