Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: ICU Nurse Residency Program

A recently launched residency program for intensive care nurses is allowing staff at Sentara Martha Jefferson to continuously sharpen their skills.

“We get neuro patients, cardiac patients, renal patients and surgical patients,” noted Amber Campos, RN, Intensive Care Unit Educators. “Especially recently with our new neurosurgery capabilities, we’ll be seeing more neurosurgery patients that can be more complex.”

The program was born from the desire of staff.

“We’ve received feedback from some of our current new graduate nurses that they would have liked a little more support and hands-on away from the bedside,” said Campos.

The monthly program rotates topics and teaches through trainings, simulations and physician discussions.

“This just provides more long-term support, even outside of their orientation so they have a safe environment to apply they skills they are seeing, ask questions and interact more with the physicians,” Campos said.

It also allows for high risk, low frequency skills to be practice in a structured setting.

“This is just a way to take them and really apply them in their practice instead of them doing them parallel with each other, I’m doing my online training and then hopefully I’ll see a patient like this. I’m kind of creating that situation for them," Campos stated.

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