Charlottesville School Board and City Council host joint budget worksession

Charlottesville School Board and City Council host joint budget worksession

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville City Schools is talking about funding for next year's budget. The Charlottesville School Board met with Charlottesville City Council to go over the first draft of recommendations, which includes a raise for teachers.

On Tuesday, school board members gave an overview of what their budget looks like from their perspective. They are hoping for a budget increase to support salaries and literacy.

The Charlottesville School Board is requesting an increase of $4.5 million for the next school year. That number is based on the equity and strategic plan.

"Our general operating budget is approximately $80 million and we receive about $52 million from that from the city,” Charlottesville School Board chair Jennifer McKeever said.

Those extra dollars would be going to take care of employees and keep a competitive edge in the market.

"Our priorities for this budget are certainly, the living wage for our part-time workers and a three percent increase across the board an average increase for teachers, support staff and administration,” McKeever said.

"I think particularly increases for teacher salaries is really critical across the state of Virginia, we’re ranked 34th in the country for teacher pay,” Councilor Michael Payne said. "Literacy coaches, STEM teachers, who I think are the staff that are really critical for addressing that issue of equity that we’ve had a conversation about for the past two years.”

Another top priority includes trying to make sure students and staff are excelling in literacy and other educational programs.

“Taking a look at how do we provide the support that we need for literacy to make sure that we can drill down as far as we need to provide our teachers with the support that they need in order to deliver that high-quality instruction,” Charlottesville City Schools Superintendent Rosa Atkins said.

The next step is to have a public hearing to get feedback on any changes people would like to see.

That will take place on February 6. The final budget will be adopted in April.

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