JAUNT adding all-electric vehicle to service routes

JAUNT adding all-electric vehicle to service routes

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People who get around central Virginia with JAUNT will soon ride on clean energy.

The public transportation service plans to roll out its first all-electric bus in February.

JAUNT CEO Brad Sheffield says the bus cost about $185,000. He adds that the price of electric vehicles has come down over the past few years, allowing JAUNT to make this investment.

“It's going to be a typical bus that JAUNT operates. We'll have a few more that are very similar but gasoline powered, so that provides us this great opportunity to actually measure the operational and financial impact of operating electric vehicle and a gasoline vehicle of the exact same type in the exact same operating environment,” Sheffield said.

Sheffield says he hopes to have every vehicle in the JAUNT fleet run on electricity by 2030.

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