At his reelection campaign kickoff Congressman Denver Riggleman says President Trump may visit Virginia soon

Rep. Denver Riggleman says President Trump may visit Virginia soon

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -Fifth District Congressman Denver Riggleman kicked off his 2020 campaign with a big announcement. Riggleman says President Donald Trump may be visiting the area sometime this year to support Republicans in their race efforts.

Hundreds of people braved the rain to pack the Pavilion at the Boar's Head Inn and hear the congressman discuss his re-election plan, his legislative priorities and the prospects of a presidential visit. "We're feeling really good today about everybody that showed up. I'm very fortunate I have the Deputy Whip here, Drew Ferguson, from Georgia, Ben Cline," Riggleman said.

His speech largely centered around his legislative agenda including bipartisan efforts to add Virginia to a hemp crop insurance program. “Healthcare, immigration, taxes, infrastructure and what we’re doing for the agricultural communities here and the southside of Virginia,” Riggleman said.

His campaign slogan is Denver Does Jobs and he plans to run on his background as a businessman who has created jobs in the fifth district. “Also it’s about how do we make sure that we keep government out of people’s lives on the regulatory issues so they can do great things with their businesses,” the congressman said.

Supporters helped Riggleman’s campaign kickoff. “The Republican creed has nothing to do with who you marry, who you fall in love with, what religion you practice and Denver embodies all of those contexts,” said Riggleman supporter Jim Flood.

In regards to Monday’s rally at the state Capitol, Riggleman says he loves that people are using their First Amendment Rights to protect their Second Amendment Rights, though he is concerned about the prospect of violence by outside groups.

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