Court Square Markers Historic Resources Subcommittee works to tell a more comprehensive history

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some of the historic markers in front of Charlottesville and Albemarle County courthouses could be changed. Both are working together to tell a more comprehensive history.

If both localities can come to an agreement, these signs will be rewritten, in part to include more of the history of women and people of color.

“So in order to erect this new sign we need to get the board of supervisors’ approval,” Historic Preservation and Design Planner Robert Watkins said. “One of the markers, the largest marker, and it’s going to be kind of an orientation sign is situated on county property right next to the courthouse.”

Planners say those changes need to be made because these signs ignore some parts of the history of the area, including women and people of color.

“There is data or information that was wrong and the original markers also were hoping to tell stories from more underrepresented communities,” Watkins said.

The seven signs that would be replaced would need to be refurbished. On Tuesday, the Court Square Markers Historic Resources Subcommittee met to discuss a new language to put up.

“There were black granite markers that were erected. Many of them are illegible now there was gilded writing in them but it's kind of wiped away and also a lot of the content isn't how we'd like to interpret the court squares history today,” Watkins said.

To get the signs up, including one that sits on county land, Charlottesville and Albemarle will need to work together.

“We're hoping to erect these markers in the coming months. And this working group is - was kind of formed to more efficiently write the markers,” Watkins said.

All of this is still in the early planning phases.

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