Trump’s tariffs impact central Virginia businesses

Trump’s tariffs impact central Virginia businesses

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Businesses in central Virginia are starting to see the impacts of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. In October the United States started taxing imported goods from France, Britain, and Germany at 25%.

Beer Run in Charlottesville brings in wine and beer from across the world and says that both taxpayers and small businesses will have to front the cost.

"As things hit the shelves now we’re starting to that 25% increase. A bottle that I sold for $10.99 is now going for $12.99 which seems menial but as you get up in the cost of wine it really makes a big difference, and it does change whether or not I might buy that wine,” Chrissy Hunt, a wine buyer, said.

In the upcoming weeks, the Trump administration will consider upping the tariffs 100%. That would double the price of imported goods like wine, olive oil, and cheese.

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