Random Row Brewing Company hosts homebrewing competition

Random Row Brewing Company hosts homebrewing competition

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - One area brewery is supporting the art of the beer making process through a friendly competition. For the first time, Random Row Brewing Company hosted a wort share competition Sunday.

Wort is a liquid produced from malt and hot water, which can be fermented to make beer or ale.

Homebrewers picked up wort made by Murphy and Rude Malting Company, then added ingredients of their choosing - like cherry or basil - and brought the beer back to Random Row for judging.

“I started my brewing career as a homebrewer so this is just kind of a way that I wanted to give back to the home brewing community. As a homebrewer I participated in a wort share,” Random Row Co-founder Kevin McElroy said.

The judging criteria included appearance, aroma and flavor.

The brewery is planning to make the wort share competition an annual event.

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