Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Short-Course Radiation Treatment

Patients at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital undergoing radiation therapy now are able to get the same treatment and outcomes, but in less time.

“Rather than six and a half weeks of a daily radiation for breast cancer, the most common treatment scheme now is four weeks, so we’ve shortened it considerably,” said Dr. Anthony Crimaldi, a radiation oncologist at Sentara Martha Jefferson.

Another example is lung cancer…where treatment was previously six weeks long, but now can be as short as just one week.

It’s possible, thanks to larger daily doses of radiation. Moreover, the good news for patients is that there are typically fewer side effects too.

“There are so many different beams coming in, and only intersecting at the site of treatment, that the side effects are usually less than the standard course of radiations,” said Dr. Crimaldi.

It is a win-win for patients, as they don’t have to make as many trips to the hospital and be pulled away from other things. And for physicians, it is the ideal situation in terms of providing the best patient care.

“It’s cutting edge treatment, and it does give our patients treatment options and it allows us to deliver higher doses of radiation and give better outcomes to our patients,” noted Dr. Crimaldi.

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