Albemarle County’s new pet licensing system leaves dog owners barking mad

Albemarle County’s new pet licensing system leaves dog owners barking mad

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, V.A. (WVIR) - Albemarle County’s new pet licensing system has some owners saying ‘woof’. Owners have been waiting weeks for a document their dogs need to have on their collars at all times.

A company called PetData now handles dog licensing for the county. The county says it will save them hours of work, and be more accurate too. However, some dog owners say the systems gone to the dogs.

Albemarle County resident and dog owner Walter Quast submitted an application for his dog, Nikki, on November 5.

"I just read the letter, followed the instructions and copies of my rabies shots for my dogs and set them all off in the check and figured ‘well okay, it’ll be here a couple of weeks’, you know, and this will be pretty simple,” Quast said.

He didn't receive the license for more than a month. "Now, day 39, I get a dog license.”

Effective November 1, Albemarle County shifted their services to a third-party company called PetData. The county says PetData will save the county hours of work and will be more accurate, too.

"Transitioning over to pet data allows us to leverage their technology resources to receive those vaccination records from veterinarian offices, and they do they check using their databases they check the addresses and notify pet owners of the appropriate license requirements for their address,” Albemarle County Spokesperson Emily Kilroy said.

As for why it took so long for Quast to receive his license, the county attributes that to “growing pains" with the new provider. It says dog owners can call off the dogs, PetData has promised quicker turnaround times.

“At this point, everything is fully operational with the new vendor. As of December 1, there’s a commitment of two to four business days. You’ll get your license back from the vendor as soon as they receive your information,” Kilroy said.

Owners like Quast are still left feeling like they made a dog's dinner of what was an easy system. "It was very simple you go to the county office building. 10 minute, 15 minute tops, if there was nobody in line, you got your dog's license. Put it on your dog's caller. So, now, 39 days later."

If you're a dog owner, your license expires December 31, and you have until the end of January to get your furry friend a new license.

Through PetData, you can apply online or mail in your application with a check.

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