August County Fire-Rescue asking folks to adopt a hydrant

Augusta County Fire-Rescue is inviting people to adopt a hydrant.

August County Fire-Rescue asking folks to adopt a hydrant

AUGUSTA COUNTY, V.A. (WVIR) - Augusta County Fire-Rescue is inviting people to adopt a hydrant.

When a fire breaks out, it is important that crews get quick access to a water supply. Nature, especially snow, can make that tough.

Now, Augusta County is asking for the community to get involved by adopting a fire hydrant near their house or business. That means clearing a path to the hydrant and 3 feet around it.

Fire hydrant in Augusta County
Fire hydrant in Augusta County

“We get in the area and that hydrant’s buried by let’s say snow. It’s going to take more effort and time for us to work on digging out that hydrant. For every 15 seconds that water’s not applied to a fire the fire does double in size” Augusta County Fire-Rescue Lt. Kevin McWhorter said.

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Release from Augusta County:

Augusta County Fire-Rescue (ACFR) is asking for the public’s help in keeping fire hydrants that are close to homes and businesses clear of snow in the winter and free of weeds and shrubbery in the summer by participating in the Adopt-A-Hydrant program.

To take part in the Adopt-A-Hydrant program, Fire-Rescue asks that citizens:

• Shovel the area around the fire hydrant after each snowfall. Clear the area approximately three (3) feet around the hydrant as well as a path from the street or roadway to the fire hydrant so that the hydrant is visible and accessible.

• During the summer months, make sure that the same three-foot path around the hydrant is free of weeds, shrubbery, flowerbeds, etc and can be seen easily.

ACFR Chief Dave Nichols said, “Fire-Rescue is happy to launch a program that has been a part of many stations’ outreach efforts across the country. Our local community is typically very supportive of new service initiatives and this is one, very tangible way for people to directly support ACFR’s work.”

The fact that a fire doubles in size every fifteen seconds underscores the importance of emergency vehicles gaining easy access to fire hydrants as quickly as possible. Lives and property are saved when water is applied quickly.

Citizens are encouraged to visit to sign up for the program and to specify a hydrant location.

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