A.C. Moore to close all stores

A.C. Moore to close all stores

CHARLOTTESVILLE, V.A. (WVIR) - There’s bad news for crafty people in and around Charlottesville - A.C. Moore is closing its retail stores.

That means there could be an empty space in a busy shopping center. There’s hope that a similar retailer could take A.C. Moore’s place at 5th Street Station.

The A.C. Moore location in 5th Street Station has not announced when it will be closing. The retailer’s website stopped accepting online orders as of November 25.

One woman who says she frequently shops at A.C. Moore says having to go to another craft store further from her home would be a huge inconvenience. She would support a Michaels or similar craft store taking over the space.

“This is a craft store close by to me where I live. I can come in and get flowers for the cemetery today, I picked up pens for drawing and stuff like that. The closest other one is Barracks Road or over the mountain, a craft store and so I’m really gonna miss it,” Virginia Thomas, A.C. Moore shopper, said.

Michaels, another craft store, has announced that it will take over 40 A.C. Moore locations. There is no confirmation as to which locations will make the switch.

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