Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Tuesday Tours for Tomorrow’s Nurses

Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Tuesday Tours for Tomorrow’s Nurses

Sentara Martha Jefferson recently launched a new opportunity to give nurses in the community a chance to get an inside look at the profession.

“Many people think of nurses in one category, but there are so many opportunities, so many places to work, so many environments to learn,” said Johnsa Morris MBA MHA BSN NEA-BC, the vice president and chief nurse executive at Sentara Martha Jefferson.

Starting this month, Morris is hosting “Tuesday Tours for Tomorrow’s Nurses”.

“We’re hoping that Tuesday Tours will create an opportunity for people to step into our environment and see what’s out there for them,” said Morris.

The hour-long tour at the hospital will allow nursing students, current nurses, or just those interested in the nursing field to see the varied opportunities Sentara Martha Jefferson has to offer, and share about the culture of nursing within the organization.

“They understand the process of providing a personal touch, and embedding what Martha Jefferson has been known for and that is the caring tradition,” said Morris.

Additionally, information will be shared about scholarship offerings, tuition reimbursement, and loan forgiveness programs – as Sentara Martha Jefferson is dedicated to helping nurses advance in their careers.

“We take how they want to move forward in their career path and we help to line it up for them,” noted Morris.

The first Tuesday Tour will be held on June 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital. You can register online, or call 1-800-SENTARA for more information on this topic.

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