Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is used by doctors to treat a variety of issues. It involves inserting a camera through a small poke hole in the skin to evaluate the hip joint.

“We use hip arthroscopy when people have a labral tear, which is a tear in the bumper that lines the socket, or if there is a bone spur on the ball that’s hitting into the socket and causing the two bones to butt together,” said Dr. Matthew Panzarella with the Sentara Sports Medicine Center. ”It can also be used when people have trauma.”

The procedure is minimally invasive and people go home immediately after surgery.

“We can fix the problems that are damage to the inside of the hip joint arthroscopically, minimally invasive, by a few little poke holes in the skin and get into that joint and make it better and hopefully prevent any problems in the future,” said Dr. Panzarella.

It’s designed for someone who doesn’t have hip arthritis, but does have issues with pain association with athletic actions, sitting, or flection activities that cause pain in the groin.

“Hip arthroscopy is great because it allows us to treat someone before they have so much damage in their hip that they’re going to need a hip replacement,” said Dr. Panzarella. “The goal is joint preservation to preserve the hip joint and prevent someone from needing a total hip joint in the future.”

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