Woodson Trial Delayed

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The trial for the man accused of shooting at cars on I-64 last March has been delayed. Slade Woodson was expected to enter a guilty plea Wednesday morning in Albemarle Circuit Court but instead he fired his attorney and asked for another court appointed lawyer.

Since late March, when the I-64 shootings happened, Public Defender Jim Hingeley has been representing Slade Woodson. In court Wednesday morning, 20-year-old Woodson told Judge Cheryl Higgins he felt like he was being prosecuted by his attorney rather than defended.

Woodson said he didn't want to put the fate of "the rest of his life" into Hingeley's hands. Woodson also said he and Hingeley disagree about key issues in the case.

Hingeley told the judge he has worked diligently on this case for months. Prosecutor Denise Lunsford backed him up on that. She told the judge that Hingeley has spent considerable time in her office reviewing case files. Hingeley also mentioned that Woodson had contact with another attorney within the last week, and that might have contributed to him asking for a new lawyer.

In order to avoid future problems, the judge ultimately decided to excuse Hingeley and find a new court-appointed lawyer for Woodson. Woodson will be back in court on December 18 with his new court-appointed lawyer, Jessica Smith.

Woodson has already been sentenced to two years in prison for other crimes he committed in Waynesboro that same night.

Reported by Christina Mora
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