Landmark Hotel Construction to Continue?

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Construction continued Thursday at the Landmark Hotel project on Charlottesville's downtown mall. But for how long still remains a question. Bickering inside the project fogs what may or may not happen next.

Thursday afternoon, hotel owner Halsey Minor said that regardless of what others associated with the project say, work on the hotel will indeed stop Friday because of financial problems. Minor says he won't get into a public debate with developer Lee Danielson who's said that there isn't a funding problem and that work will go on as scheduled.

Minor claims Atlanta-based Silverton Bank defaulted on part of a $24 million loan. He says the reason for that is the global financial crisis, not because of disagreements about proposed changes to the hotel design.

A spokeswoman for Lee Danielson says the developer will have nothing else to say about the hotel's issues and referred us back to Minor.

Reported by Adam Rhew
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