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Products and Services

Hearing Healthcare of Virginia offers a wide range of hearing aid choices. We identify the patient's amplification requirements, and then select the instrument for the patient's needs and lifestyle. Our ability to offer a wide range of choices, including digital and programmable technology, ensures our patients receive the maximum benefit from their hearing instruments.

Hearing Healthcare of Virginia performs computerized real ear measurements. These measurements allow us to verify that the hearing aids are providing the correct amount of amplification. We can also evaluate any hearing aids presently in use and can arrange for any repairs when necessary.

Custom Plugs:

  • Shooters Protection: We offer two different types of custom hearing protection, non-amplified and amplified ear plugs. Non-amplified hearing protection limits the level of incoming sounds to safe levels of 90dB or lower, preventing permanent hearing damage. Amplified hearing protection adds convenience to those who already have impaired hearing. Our amplified hearing protection limits the level of sound coming into your ear to a safe 90dB, while still amplifying normal sounds below a 9dB. This will allow you to shoot safely and hear speech and the surrounding noises of nature.

Amplified Hearing Protection:

  • ESP Elite and Pro Elite: An analog hearing protection that provides low distortion and reduced circuitry hiss. A broadband frequency response designed to provide the most natural sound. They do not "over amplify' sounds such as shells rattling, and the twin noise detectors keep speech as normal as possible while softening sudden, loud sounds.

  • ESP Digital and Pro-Digital: These digital models provide all the features of analog hearing protection plus: Full digital sound quality, comparable to upgrading from cassettes to CDs. They also provide broadband frequency response for the most natural sound quality.

Non-Amplified Hearing Protection:

  • Westone Model 39: Shooter's earplugs with a Lee Sonic Valve which allows all sound except loud compressive noises (i.e., gunshot blasts) to enter. They are great for hunters, shooters or anyone who is exposed to loud noises for short intervals. 17 dB average attenuation.

  • Westone Model 47: Defend Ears filtered earplug. Allows you to hear normal conversation, yet restricts amount of loud noise that reaches your ear. 30dB average attenuation.

  • Westone Model 40: Solid sound plug that proivdes the highest degree of attenuation. 36dB average attenuation.

Assisted Listening Devices:

  • TV Ears ®: An infrared wireless headset system that allows you to capture movie theater quality sound from your television without annoying others nearby sleeping, reading or watching the same television program. The user has individual control of volume, tone and balance adjustments on the headset without affecting volume for other viewers. Sleek transmitter base doubles as a quick recharger for up to two headsets. Compatible with all televisions, stereos, computers, and even video games.

Custom-Fit Wireless Bluetooth and Cell Phone Headsets:

  • Microtech SoundPort: A custom-fit, Bluetooth ® Earset for Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones. The SoundPort is designed for those that want the ultimate solution in lightweight, comfortable, hands-free wireless communication. Unlike traditional wireless headsets, the SoundPort EarSet features a custom-fit earpiece which is professionally molded and acoustically tuned to fit the exact contours of your outer ear. Fully vented so that nearby sounds and conversations can be heard normally, the earpiece anchors SoundPort's sleek, digital electronics, creating an open, feather-light system that delivers the ultimate in freedom and safety to work and drive while using a mobile phone. Best of all, SoundPort is more comfortable than one-size-fits-all stock earpieces.

  • Custom Ipod Earpieces:  Westone Earmold Style No. 7i: This is the perfect earmold to complement the Apple iPod line of earbuds. It is also an ideal custom earpiece for hands-free cell phone headsets. 

Fishersville Location

1534 Jefferson Highway
Fishersville, VA 22980
Phone: (540) 943-0007
Toll Free: (866) 341-4327

Charlottesville Location

302 Hickman Road, Suite 302
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: (434) 245-1115
Toll Free: (866) 341-4327

Lexington Location

130 Walker St. Suite E
Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 460-8809
Toll Free: (866) 341-4327

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