Shape Shade

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Remember when you were little and you'd make shadow puppets on the wall with your hands?...This project isn't really like that. But, we're betting that if the light were bright enough, the silhouettes you create would be like a new piece of art every time you turned on the light. In that way, we think this is a pretty bright idea.

Materials: One lampshade, cutouts from card stock paper (in any desired shapes), white Kraft paper (available at any craft store).

Tools: Glue stick, scissors, pencil.

1. Lay the lampshade on its side on the Kraft paper. (Make sure there's enough room on the paper to roll the lampshade in a full semi-circle.)

2. Beginning at the side seam, roll the lampshade in a full semi-circle, tracing the top and bottom rims of the shade until you reach the side seam again.

3. Connect the lines and cut out the resulting semi-circle shape.

4. Glue your shapes in place on the Kraft paper.

5. With the shapes facing the inside, wrap the paper around the interior of the shade and glue the ends in place.

-Caite White


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