Where do Telethon donations go?

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  • This year's Telethon $ go support:
    • Improving the care environment for children and their families and providing specialized services that are not covered by insurance
    • Education and social programs for hospitalized children and their families
    • Reach out and Read program Support for Families to buy meals and gas so that they can more frequently visit their children
    • Improving the physical environment for kids – movies, toys, computer games, specialized rooms, chairs and carts,
  • Dean's Challenge – this money will help go to the pediatric endowment fund. The office of the Dean of the UVA Medical School will match all gifts at a rate of 50 cents to $1; making your $200 gift into a $300 gift.
  • Research fund. Your Telethon donation is given to UVA Children's Hospital doctors to do research. They take their results and apply for NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding and have seen a 30:1 return on your investment.
  • In the past Telethon donations have gone to:
    • State of the art medical equipment – Bone Scanner for early detection of childhood skeletal problems
    • Galaxy Cycle which provides electrical stimulation to rehab patients; just like the one Christopher Reeve used
    • Nitric Oxide machine which is a diagnostic device that more accurately pinpoints the cause of asthma thereby making treatment/dosing more accurate and productive. It is also a treatment modality for premature infants with lung disease.
    • Timo Husted Wright Chaplaincy Fund. This fund will provide ongoing support to chaplaincy programs within the UVA Children's Hospital.
    • NICU Renovations