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December 2, 1981

Britney Spears

Not quite 18 when her first album and single hit record-breaking sales, Britney Spears seemed to some to be too young to be so sexy. From the media to residents of her native Louisiana to conservatives around the nation, people publicly accused Spears of impropriety in her song lyrics and her stage persona. But she's risen to the top of the pop heap -- while cheerfully deflecting accusations of everything from having had breast implants on the sly to being a negative role model for the young ladies who adore her. She certainly hasn't let it get her down, however; Britney continues to sell out concerts, grace magazine covers and spark water-cooler chat. From her beginnings in gymnastics and song-and-dance contests to a role in The Mickey Mouse Club (the Disney show that also served as a springboard to stardom for fellow pop stars Christina Aguilera, J.C. Chasez and Justin Timberlake, Britney's famous ex-boyfriend), Spears has proven to be a natural and megastar -- and now a mega-mommy! What celestial influences are backing this talent?

Birth Details:
December 2, 1981
Kentwood, Louisiana

With her Sun, Mercury and Uranus coming together to create a stellium in Sagittarius, Spears's enthusiastic, positive and original personality comes as no surprise. Sagittarius is all about idealism and positive energy; Spears possesses an adventurous and freedom-seeking nature. She is honest, straightforward and basically uncomplicated. The stellium, a series of planetary conjunctions, creates an intensity of that Sagittarian energy. Her Sun's conjunction to Mercury makes for both a talker and a doer; she doesn't stop at talking and dreaming, but goes on to turn her dreams into reality. Her Sun's conjunction to Uranus lends her that vitality and personal magnetism that draws in the fans. Her self-expression is creative, original and uninhibited. With Mercury in Sagittarius, Spears is all about her ideals and her high principles; Uranus in Sagittarius makes her a true rebel who insists on intellectual freedom. Mercury conjunct Uranus further underscores this idea: Spears won't just blindly accept anything, since she's a progressive, intuitive thinker who has to prove everything for herself. Sagittarius is the sign of religion and philosophy, and under its incredibly strong and focused influence, Spears's early commitment to the Baptist faith and later interest in the Kabbalah make perfect sense.

When it comes to stardom, Spears has an Aquarius Moon on her side. She may relate better to the crowd than she does on a more personal, one-on-one basis. She's friendly in a detached way and can sometimes seem aloof to someone who wants more intimate attention from her. She'd sooner disappoint someone close to her than disappoint her fans, who are likely her first priority. She also has her Mars, the planet of passion and ambition, in perfectionist Virgo, which indicates that Spears is practical, orderly and systematic in her work, as much as she may come across as bubbly and spontaneous. Her musical hits are calculated for brilliance; she makes sure something's a solid bet before she puts her energy into it. Spears may actually divert her sexual energy into her work, judging by the lyrical content of her songs and the blatantly sexual moves she exhibits onstage. Her Mars square Neptune also enhances her ability to create an illusion for her fans.

Not surprisingly, several placements in Spears's chart indicate that her sexual energies are considerable, starting with Venus's square to Pluto. This aspect indicates that her sexual desires must be diverted into something constructive, or they'll go awry (could this have something to do with that short-lived Vegas marriage?). But with her Venus, the planet of love and money, in conservative, hard-working Capricorn, Spears will ultimately be businesslike when it comes to romance, looking for money and status in a potential mate. As is evident just by watching her in motion, Spears is a hit with the opposite sex; her Venus trine Mars indicates a good chance that she'll enjoy happy love relationships -- so it looks like Kevin might well be the one!

Spears's Saturn conjunct Pluto indicates that she will accomplish greatness, her Neptune in Sagittarius means she's on a spiritual quest for truth, and her Jupiter conjunct Pluto indicates that she's on her way to the highest form of Plutonian evolution. Her Neptune trine Pluto will help her on her path toward spiritual regeneration by lending her a big dose of insight into matters concerning faith and the soul. She's not likely to be derailed along the way by other people's criticisms, either -- her Jupiter lies in Scorpio, which means that it doesn't matter what anyone says about her. She's stubborn in her beliefs and doesn't care what the world thinks; her ideas and principles will remain sharply defined, and she will always be a true original.

Birth data source: www.imdb.com

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