Former Lt. Gov. Bolling Speaks in Charlottesville

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Bill Bolling Bill Bolling

Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling is encouraging people to get involved with democracy.

Bolling discussed how to “Make Government Work Again,” during a Economic & Government Affairs Committee meeting Thursday, January 10.

One of the main reasons Bolling says the government is not working is people are not working together. As a result, many people become disconnected from politics and decide not to get involved or remove themselves.

In order to makes things work again, Bolling encourages people to join or attend civic engagements such as City Council meetings or voting.

"Government will only work the way we want it to work, when that exhausted majority, that group in the middle, that group that is kind of tired of the way politics is going today gets reengaged in the process of democracy," Bolling said.

Bolling currently is a part of the Center for Civic Engagement and teaches government classes at James Madison University three times a week.

A couple times a month, Bolling looks for opportunities to spread the message with different business groups and communities throughout Virginia.