Charlottesville School Board Examines Equity Policies across State

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Charlottesville City School Board Charlottesville City School Board

The Charlottesville City School Board is continuing to work on how to address inequities within the classroom.

On Thursday, December 6, the board looked at policies from other schools around the state.

At its meeting on Thursday night, the board discussed its next steps in creating a policy on equity to include working with city officials and looking at examples from other localities.

The board reviewed Fairfax County's equity policy, which outlines procedures for both the school division and county government.

Members of Charlottesville’s school board expressed interest in working with city councilors to create a policy that would apply to the city and the school division.

Superintendent Rosa Atkins says in order to have equity within the community, all parties must be involved in the conversation.

“In order to effect equity in our school system, we must effect all of the institutions that actually touch a child's life,” Atkins said. “Services and policies that touch a child's life or family’s life, so in order to strengthen the student, the school - we must strengthen them at home also. So having the city and the school board work together I think is ideal."

Members of the board said even if city councilors are not interested in working together on a policy, they hope to have one in place by next year.

The school board plans on discussing the topic of a joint equity policy at its next work session with City Council in January.