Public Input Expected on Proposed Pay Raise for Charlottesville City Councilors

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Charlottesville City Councilors. Charlottesville City Councilors.

Charlottesville city councilors could be getting a pay raise.

Right now, their pay reflects the amount of people they govern.

It's bound to be a hot topic on Dec. 3 at the City Council Meeting, with the public weighing in on the potential change to the city charter.

The pay increase was originally proposed by Mayor Nikuyah Walker, who believes councilor's pay should be higher.

Weeks prior, councilors received their legislative packet, and Walker presented a proposal tying councilor pay to the city manager's salary.

Right now, salary caps are driven by population, and councilors are at the maximum amount.

Mayor Walker makes $20,000 a year and councilors make $18,000

Vice Mayor Heather Hill weighed in on the proposal, and says she'd rather council focus their efforts on making this job more realistic as a part-time position, rather than increasing pay due to the high hours put in.

Hill states, "This really isn't intended to be a full-time position. And as much as I would say that I and others on council are working more on that level of full-time, that we really need to be looking at ways to curtail that. So that we are looking at a more realistic part-time schedule, leverage both our city staff as well as our council staff."

Councilors are expected to hear from the public on this matter tonight during the city council meeting.

Even if the council did decide to go forward with the proposal, it would still have to go through the General Assembly for approval.

It also wouldn't take effect until the following city council comes in.