Women from UVA Program Help Renovate Space for Child Advocacy Center

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The women are with a UVA apprenticeship program The women are with a UVA apprenticeship program
The group renovated the forensic interview room in the advocacy center The group renovated the forensic interview room in the advocacy center

A group of workers teamed up with Charlottesville's Building Goodness Foundation to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty.

These ladies are using their skills to help the community.

Women were in control on Friday, November 30, at the Foothills Child Advocacy Center in Charlottesville.

The group was working to help renovate space for the advocacy center, which works with kids in the community. Specifically, the group is working to create a new forensic interview room at the center.

“Foothills does really great work here in the community,” Lauren McRaven, the local projects manager with the BGF, said. “They provide a safe space for children who are potential victims of child abuse to come and work with law enforcement and child protective services.”

The BGF says the old interview room had issues with sound proofing, and the space was tight.

“The kids didn't feel comfortable, so we're helping move to another space that's going to be bigger and with better soundproofing,” McRaven said.

That's where the ladies from the University of Virginia Facilities Management Apprenticeship Program stepped in to help.

“We decided that we wanted to do a project for the community as a group, so we reached out to Building Goodness Foundation, who’s a wonderful organization, and they hooked us up with Foothills Child Advocacy Center,” Anne Lassere, an apprentice carpenter with the UVA program, said.

The BGF says these ladies raised money through the university to make the project happen, along with a donation from a private donor.

“It's really important to us, and, secondly, being able to help out such a great organization as Foothills who give so much to the community and the children of the community - of course it feels really good,” Lassere said.

The Building Goodness Foundation says most of the work was completed on Friday, but the group plans to finish up the drywall and paint within the next week.

The foundation says the new space will be more quite, safe, and comfortable for children.