Louisa County 'Do Not Use' Water Order Lifted

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The residents of Louisa County are returning to their normal day to day activities, after a mandatory evacuation took place on Thursday, Nov. 29 following officials finding natural gas in the water supply. 

The county issued a "Do Not Use" order over the area on Thursday. The highest levels of natural gas around the Glen Marye Shopping Center, during the time of the evacuation.

The Virginia Department of Health raised the order on Friday, Nov. 30 shortly after two full rounds of laboratory testing was done by officials.

Businesses and restaurants in and around downtown Louisa were closed Friday afternoon and advised of the proper steps to flush their plumbing.

The county’s fire department and sheriff’s office are still investigating what led to the natural gas leak. They are expected to continue testing into the weekend to ensure that all traces of the natural gas is completely out of the area's water supply.

Please read the PDF below for more details in the official press release in regards for what occurred and how to properly flush plumbing.