Albemarle County Seeking $150,000 from Hollymead Town Center Developers

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Hollymead Town Center Hollymead Town Center

Developers for the Hollymead Town Center are appealing a decision that they owe Albemarle County $150,000 for transit expenses.

The issue is centered around the 29 Express bus stop, established in June of 2016, as part of a proffer agreement.

Amelia McCulley, the Director of Zoning for Albemarle County, says, “This is based on a proffer obligation that was made originally in 2007 when the property was rezoned, and it includes a payment each year for up to 10 years of $50,000 each year for a total of $500,000.”

As of Thursday, the county still hasn't received the payment of $150,000 since the bus stop was installed in 2016.

An attorney representing the developer of the Hollymead Town Center says otherwise stating, "We continue to believe that this is an unjust application of the proffer and our focus continues to be on finding an amicable resolution to this matter with the County if they will engage us on that possibility."

“They've given several reasons, and a lot of their reasons really relate more to a different process and that would be to change the proffer, rather than to comply with proffer, and that's a option that's available to them and has been available for years, but they have not pursued that,” McCulley said.

Now, the notice of violation is heading to the board of supervisors for it to decide.

“Our hope is that the board upholds the decision that the money is due and that the developer who is the appellant pays the money and it ends there, and makes the subsequent years' payments,” McCulley said.