Albemarle School Board Looks over Student-Drafted Anti-Racism Policy

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Albemarle County School Board meeting on Nov. 8 Albemarle County School Board meeting on Nov. 8

The Albemarle County School Board is once again discussing ways to address racism in the school division.

On Thursday, November 8, the board looked at an anti-racism policy draft created by students while also discussing how it plans to take steps to enforce the proposed policy in the county.

This comes after the school division announced it would be working with Charlottesville City Schools to address anti-racism policies in both school systems together.

Charlottesville City Schools passed a resolution banning Confederate imagery from the school system on Thursday, November 1.

Superintendent Matt Haas says the divisions want the same outcomes but will not necessarily work at the same pace.

"They moved at a different pace than perhaps our board did,” Haas said. “Our board is moving - they decided to prioritize having an anti-racism policy to begin with."

Haas says the board will further discuss the anti-racism policy at its meeting in December.