Cville Hop On Tours Offers People Free Rides to the Polls

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Cville Hop On Tours is providing free rides to polls Cville Hop On Tours is providing free rides to polls

A service focused on giving people rides to breweries and wineries in central Virginia shifted its service to give people free rides to the polls.

Cville Hop On Tours is providing rides free to voting precincts to people living in the city of Charlottesville on Tuesday, November 6.

The organization says it was approached by Champion Brewing Company to offer the service.

Hop On Tours says it's taken part in trash pickups and provided safe rides for beer festivals, but this is the first time it's served as a political shuttle.

Each bus holds 14 people, and each polling location has three pick-up points.

The only rule the shuttle has is that people don't talk about politics on the bus.

“Coming up in Charlottesville, there's a big debate between two local electorates so we just want to make sure everybody's voice is heard and that there's equal representation on both sides of the political spectrum,” Jonathan Craig, the owner and operator of Cville Hop On Tours, said.

As part of the partnership, Champion is offering drink specials for those who vote on Tuesday.

The shuttle is currently taking people to the Clark Elementary School precinct.

Pick-up locations also include Belmont Park, the Friendship Court entrance on 2nd Street, and Champion Brewing Company. The service stops at 6:30 p.m., and polls close at 7 p.m.