Group Helps Those Hospitalized Get Their Votes Counted

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DeAun Sanders DeAun Sanders
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People stuck in hospitals on Election Day could have missed the chance to vote, but one group made it possible.

Spread the Vote Virginia has been helping people with medical emergencies submit absentee ballots.

State code says if someone is hospitalized, confined to their residence, or have experienced death within seven days of an election can submit an emergency ballot.

“A lot of the folks that are in the hospital have voted in every election, or they may just have a real reason they want to vote in this election. And being in the hospital should not keep you from having your civil right to vote, and so it feels good to us to help them vote regardless of how they vote,” said Charlottesville Spread the Vote Co-Chapter Leader DeAun Sanders.

The group says they helped around six people from central Virginia that were hospitalized.