City Council Discusses Future of West Main Street

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West Main Street could soon be getting a makeover West Main Street could soon be getting a makeover

The future of Charlottesville's West Main Street is up for discussion at City Council’s meeting.

On Monday, November 5, councilors discussed how they plan on spending millions of dollars on making the first round of improvements on West Main Street a reality.

Phase one of the project will focus on the area between Ridge Street and 6th Street and is expected to cost $6 million.

The entire streetscape project is being broken up into multiple phases to help ease funding.

The project aims to make the entirety of West Main more pedestrian-friendly while better connecting neighborhoods that surround the corridor.

On Monday night, council hosted a public hearing to discuss appropriating more than $3 million approved by the state for the first phase. The other half of the funding will come from the city.

Some councilors say the funding will help make major changes when it comes to improving transportation on West Main Street.

"It's an infrastructure project that has many pieces to it because it’s multimodal, it’s not just a highway,” Councilor Kathy Galvin said. “It’s not just to go full-steam ahead with your single-occupant vehicle. It is for people who are doing multiple things, and that’s the kind of city that we are."

The total cost of the West Main streetscape project is $30 million and includes new landscaping and moving utilities underground.

Councilors hope the improvements will make the area safer and more accessible.

Council is expected to vote on the proposed revenue sharing for phase one of this project during its next meeting.