UVA Students Hear Discussion on Preserving History, Protecting the Future

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Courtney Koelbel Courtney Koelbel

Preserving history was on the minds of students with the University of Virginia School of Law Friday afternoon. The group discussed the importance of historical preservation, while also protecting man-made and natural environments.

The Virginia Environmental Law Journal hosted several panelists Friday, November 2, to discuss how we can keep history alive, while maintaining a sustainable future.

Panelists also touched on controversial preservation topics, like the removal of Confederate statues and gentrification.

“We're looking at how we can preserve things of the past and also the question of whose past gets preserved and that touches on the different issues with like different communities having their history preserved over others,” said student Courtney Koelbel.

Members of the law journal say they want these discussions to bring more awareness to the complexities of historic preservation and how that can affect different communities.