Va.'s First Lady Attends Morven Food Lab Launch, Honors Former First Lady

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The event honored former first lady Dorothy McAuliffe The event honored former first lady Dorothy McAuliffe

Virginia's first lady took a trip to visit Albemarle County, where she launched a food lab that honors one of the commonwealth's former first ladies.

Dorothy McAuliffe announced a partnership with the University of Virginia in 2017 to help address food insecurity issues across central Virginia.

At the Morven Food Lab launch on Thursday, October 18, Pamela Northam, the current first lady of Virginia, honored McAuliffe for her dedication to agriculture and sustainability.

“I think science and technology is going to play a big part in how we feed the world and 10 million people in the next decades, so any learning that can happen at a local, state, and national levels is important and we have to look at new tools in the toolbox to make sure that our food system is complete," McAuliffe said.

In addition to supporting food access initiatives, the food lab will work with partners across the community to fight food insecurity.