Sorority Discusses Ways to Help Charlottesville Community

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Members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Shernai Banks Shernai Banks

Some members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority met Saturday to discuss how to make more of a difference in the community.

Members of the sorority in the Charlottesville chapter want to identify how they can be of more help to the people in need.

One of the members says wherever there is a need, they would love to help.

"We definitely want to get more involved with food pantries and helping homelessness, or premature awareness… just basically expanding on ways that we have already established in our organization just kind of wherever we can get involved with whether that's schools, community organizations, churches, wherever the need is that why we're here is to be of any help to the Charlottesville community," said Shernai Banks.

The chapter hopes to have a meeting once a month to see how they can get involved more.