Harrisonburg to Hold Public Hearings on Comprehensive Plan

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10/08/2018 Release from the City of Harrisonburg:

Harrisonburg, Va. – The City of Harrisonburg Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on October 10, 2018 to consider adoption of the city’s updated Comprehensive Plan.

The public hearing will take place in City Council Chambers, 409 South Main Street, at 7 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend and to voice their opinions.

The updated Comprehensive Plan will replace the current Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated and approved on May 20, 2011. In summer 2016, Planning Commission reviewed the 2011 Comprehensive Plan and determined that it should be updated to reflect the city’s latest ideals and to adapt the Plan to changes that have occurred since May 2011. A summary of activities that have occurred since summer 2016 follows:

  • Sept 2016 – Feb 2017 City staff develops plans for public engagement and updates baseline data within CP chapters.
  • Feb 2017 Planning Commission and city staff hosts three public information sessions.
  • March 2017 Planning Commission appoints 48 community members to one of four Advisory Committees.
  • April – Sept 2017 Advisory Committees provide input and recommendations on chapters; Land Use Guide, Street Improvement Plan; Goal, Objective, and Strategy (GOS) statements, and other elements of the CP. Chapters and GOS statements are updated.
  • Oct – Nov 2017 Planning Commission and city staff hosts four public workshops and a public comment period.
  • Dec 2017 – Jan 2017 Planning Commission discusses CP at regular meetings and at a special work session.
  • Jan – July 2018 City staff updates chapters and GOS statements.
  • June 2018 Planning Commission reviews Priority Objective Statements.
  • Aug 2018 Public Open House event and public comment period.
  • Aug - Sept 2018 Planning Commission and city staff makes updates to the Comprehensive Plan.

Following the public hearing at Planning Commission, it is anticipated that City Council will receive Planning Commission’s recommendation and hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

Final adoption is anticipated for November 27, 2018.