Stanardsville Holds First Oktoberfest Celebration

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Stanardsville's first-ever Oktoberfest Stanardsville's first-ever Oktoberfest

People in Stanardsville are getting together to celebrate the town's first-ever Oktoberfest.

The event on Saturday, October 6, featured various home-brewers competing for a chance to win the best brew, along with a chance to make a beer with Charlottesville’s Random Row Brewing Company.

Attendees also enjoyed food from area vendors, and there were plenty of activities for the whole family.

“It's really important to really bring the community together, especially in rural areas, you don't have as many people getting together having a big party and just really getting to meet each other and really get out there,” Rodney Adams, the event organizer, said. “We have a lot of people out on the dirt roads and way off in the mountains and everything, and this brings everybody together.”

Proceeds from the event will also go toward various charities, including the Greene County Historical Society and several 4-H clubs.