Burley High School Alumni Hold Reunion Celebration

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Burley graduates celebrated on Oct. 6 Burley graduates celebrated on Oct. 6
The high school closed in 1967 The high school closed in 1967

Some Burley High School graduates dug up some of their old school spirit and got the chance to cheer and celebrate the day.

Burley High School was a segregated school for African-Americans between 1951 and 1966.

Soon after, the school closed in 1967 and then reopened as Burley Middle School in 1974.

The reunion on Saturday, October 6, was a way to celebrate all things Burley.

Clarence Nicholas, a co-chair of the reunion, says that this year organizers were excited to put a focus on athletes.

"To have all of us gathered, it's just a wonderful experience,” Nicholas said. “This year, we were able to get a number of athletes - baseball players and football players - medals, many of them never, they got a letter but maybe not a medal or a trophy, so that's special for the athletes."

Saturday’s celebration was the seventh Burley High School reunion.