Group Heads to North Carolina to Deliver Donations to Storm Victims

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People are making a trip down to North Carolina on Sept. 25 People are making a trip down to North Carolina on Sept. 25
Four tractor-trailers are making their way to New Bern Four tractor-trailers are making their way to New Bern

A central Virginia group is hauling relief supplies to Tropical Storm Florence victims in New Bern, North Carolina.

The crews are close to the Neuse River on Tuesday, September 25, which is still bringing misery to thousands of people trying to recover from the storm.

Right now, those in charge of this convoy of trucks are set to meet with city employees to learn where all the supplies are headed.

The group left Tuesday morning from the Goochland County rest area, where the Greene County Sheriff's Office, Toy Lift Charities, and volunteers convened to go over last-minute details and to put hurricane relief banners on trucks before beginning their trek down south.

Four tractor-trailers are packed from front to back, and each has the capacity to carry 80 tons of supplies. Additionally, 10 other vehicles will accompany the convoy.

Organizers say that seeing the devastation throughout North Carolina made them realize that, as a community, they are in a position to help.

“It means a lot to us, the fact that you're helping people rather if they're from another state, another community,” Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith said. “You know, this could happen to us and we would certainly hope that other people would do the same for us if we needed the help, so it's just a humanity thing to help other people.”

Organizers add that the donations will help support thousands of people.

“I know, like, there's one distribution center we're going to, they have 400 people every morning lined up for food, and that's every day,” Tom Powell, the founder of Toy Lift charities, said. “And so we've got truckloads, we've got four truckloads, of food and water here.”

Powell says he's has been in contact with the community service director in New Bern to ensure they collected items that were most needed to help people living in the area.

This convoy won’t be the last to make the trek to North Carolina; rather, organizers say this is just the beginning of the relief efforts.

Toy Lift Charities says it will continue collecting items at Sam's Club in Charlottesville until the people in the New Bern area are no longer in need.