Pride Festival Host Calls Attention to the Unsolved Case of Sage Smith

The Cville Pride Festival The Cville Pride Festival
Sage Smith Sage Smith
Remy St Clair Remy St Clair

The Charlottesville Pride Festival was held at the Sprint Pavilion on Saturday, the final day of Pride Week.

While the event joyfully celebrated the community, the host, Remy St Clair also used his platform to draw attention to problems. He even implored that people in Charlottesville "wake up" to the issues facing underrepresented members of the community. 

St Clair said he wants closure in the case of Sage Smith, a black transgender teenager, who went missing in November of 2012.

“That's what the main portion of this is all about. It’s about Sage. We want Sage found and you feel like a lot of effort hasn’t been put into finding Sage like other people, you know,” said St Clair.

He dedicated a special part of his performance to her. 

The Sage Smith case was reclassified as a homicide in December of 2016.

If you have any information, authorities ask that you call crime stoppers at (434) 977-4000.