Waynesboro on the Lookout for Potential Flooding of South River

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South River in Waynesboro South River in Waynesboro

While Tropical Storm Florence is still hundreds of miles to the south, some people in the Shenandoah Valley remain on the lookout for rain that could trigger flooding in Waynesboro.

Waynesboro’s South River has a history of overflowing its banks.

With that in mind, some people there are preparing for whatever the remnants of Florence could bring when it turns north.

As of Friday, September 14, the South River is still within its banks, but that's not stopping businesses from preparing for any potential flooding.

Many took advantage earlier this week when the city gave out free sandbags to guard against any potential flooding. In addition to picking up sandbags, some businesses are prepared to move at a moment's notice.

“Most of my products are sealed or in containers or in jars, so we have an enclosed trailer, and we're standing by to see what the weather reports continue to say,” Rebecca Gregoire, the owner of Downtown Country Candy, said. “And if we need to, we are going to pack the business up and move everything to higher ground.”

Waynesboro Emergency Management says it has been closely monitoring the forecast and river conditions.

The river is currently at three-and-a-half feet, and flood stage is close to 10 feet.

The city says that if it looks like there will be any flooding from the river next week, it will notify businesses and residential areas.