Grocery Stores Bring in Extra Supplies Ahead of Hurricane Florence

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The rush is on at area grocery stores as people prepare to hunker down as Hurricane Florence approaches.

Wegmans says it started emergency preparations on Sunday, September 9, to bring in extra supplies throughout the week, but there are still some empty shelves.

The store says it's flying through water, batteries, flashlights, and preprepared foods.

“We've actually brought in some more employees as the business volume is up due to the storm warnings,” Chris Depumpo, the store manager, said. “We've also done the essential preparation for the community in regards to food, pharmacy, water, generator power, so we're fully generated and that's all fueled up and ready to go in case it gets really bad in the community.”

Wegmans is planning to keep its normal hours in the coming days.

People will also be on hand to come in overnight to prepare food for first responders if needed.