Greene County Homeowners Worry Impending Hurricane Could Cause Major Damage

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While it's still unclear exactly what we'll be in for across central Virginia as Hurricane Florence approaches, people in part of Greene County are downright worried.

This rainy, wet summer has already caused a slew of problems around Rocky Road. People who live there are bracing for the worst after already having a very tough summer.

All the rain the area has experienced keeps causing more and more problems for homeowners on this road.

"I’m getting all my stuff up on this porch, high as I can, and I'm hauling freight," Bruce Lamb, who lives on Rocky Road, said.

With Hurricane Florence headed this way, people who live on Rocky Road are headed out of town.

"We've already made plans to leave our home, and we'll probably do so later in the week,” Shawn Hill, who lives on the road, said. “We're also removing a lot of our personal property in the event that it is something catastrophic.”

Over the past few months, many neighbors feel like they just can't catch a break.

"This summer has never really ended,” Hill said. “To be honest with you, in the 18 years that I've been there we've had probably six flooding events, nothing like this summer, the only that thing would qualify close to that would be in 1995."

Along with an overflowing creek, they worry fallen trees could cause even more flooding.

"When the trees do come down and bank up along the river, it dams it up and even creates more water damage,” Hill said.

Many people say they're still reeling from the flooding back in May.

"It was quite bad, the water was up to the second step,” Lamb said.

He says the water has already caused so much damage to his property.

“We’ve had water in the house three times this summer,” Hill said. “We're really concerned about the house withstanding a major flood at this point."

But some people fear they could lose everything as this hurricane heads toward the East Coast.

"I think at this point we just really feel numb about it, we're really, really worried that we could lose,” Hill said.

The flooding back in May caused rescue crews to have to come get people from the high waters.

None of the people in the neighborhood want that to happen again, and have no intent of sticking around.