Louisa Man Celebrates his 100th Birthday with His Community

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Carl Perkins Carl Perkins

Sunday, the mayor of Louisa, Louisa School Board members and other people from the area came to pay tribute to Carl Perkins. 

Perkins celebrated his 100th birthday on September 4.

First Baptist Church in his hometown of Louisa took time during the morning church service to look back on his accomplishments and honor him. 

"I've known Mr. Perkins for most of my life. I've lived here in Louisa all my life and he's spent over 100 years out here and he's just a special man and First Baptist Church had asked if the town could do a  resolution for him and of course we said yes," said Mayor Garland Nuckols.

Perkins shared his love of learning with students over the years. 

He taught at the Jefferson School beginning in 1967. When the Jefferson School closed, he went to Bufford Middle School where he taught science and math. 

Even in retirement, he continued to contribute the area’s schools.  

"After retiring from the Charlottesville school system, I substituted in the county of Louisa for several years. I was on the school board in Louisa County for 14 year, vice chairman for six or seven," said Perkins.  

Perkins also served his county in the military. 

"He fought in World War II and had memories of it. His memory is just amazing to have memories over 100 years he can tell you stories," said Mayor Nuckols.

Although he has been alive for a century, Perkins is still an energetic person and continues to be a pillar in his community.