A Wine and Design Class Aims to Unite

One of the paintings One of the paintings

A Wine and Design class relocated to Three Notch'd Brewery in IX Art Park Sunday for a unity inspired event. 

Some of the proceeds from this special class went to the Heal Charlottesville Fund. 

The class was $35 and 30 percent of the proceeds went to the Heal Charlottesville Fund. 

Participants came out to relax, paint and enjoy some wine, all for a good cause.  

Wine and Design’s owner Katie Painter said she was grateful for the chance to host the class this weekend. "I actually was super happy that Three Notch'd let us do it here. The studio, our studio, was kind of in the restricted area this weekend so it was really gracious of them to let us have this event here so we can partner together and makes us both feel really good."

Sunday night's paintings featured designs aimed promote healing and unity in Charlottesville and the Commonwealth.