People Raise their Voices in Opposition to Violence at C'ville Sing Out

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People came out to sing together on August 12 People came out to sing together on August 12

Some people joined forces to raise their voices in response to the violence that took place last summer.

A pop-up sing-along provided a positive way for people to reclaim the city on the one-year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally.

Over 500 people came together to sing and support one another on Sunday, August 12, at Mount Zion First African Baptist Church for the first-ever C'ville Sing Out.

People of all ages came out to the sing along to songs like “Hallelujah” and even a song titled “Charlottesville,” which was written by Charlottesville native Evelyn Carter.

The sing out was scheduled to take place in IX Art Park but had to be moved to the church because of heavy rain.

Organizers say they planned the sing out to help people have a unique way to remember and heal from the events of last August.

“We thought this would be a really unique way to memorialize the day and to make it into a positive thing,” Elly Tucker, the organizer, said. “We are really a mosaic of people coming together for song and harmony and beauty and love, rather than how Charlottesville has been depicted in the past year."

Organizers say the event inspired different choirs across the country to sing songs to honor Charlottesville.

Members of the Martin Luther King, Jr. community choir who organized the event say they plan on holding more events to continue to help bring the community together to honor Charlottesville.