Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Race Relations Have Worsened Under Pres. Trump

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UVA Center for Politics (FILE IMAGE) UVA Center for Politics (FILE IMAGE)
Geoffrey Skelley Geoffrey Skelley

A new poll from the University of Virginia Center for Politics shows a majority of people feel that race relations have worsened since last year.

The center conducted the poll in light of the violence that happened the weekend last August's Unite the Right rally.

The results of the poll compare reactions to how people felt about race related issues following the events of August 11th and 12th last year and how their thoughts may have changed

Right now, 57 percent of Americans believe race-related issues are at least somewhat worse since President Donald Trump has taken office.

Participants were asked the same question about former President Barack Obama, and 37 percent say race-related issues got worse while he was in office.

The UVA Center for Politics says releasing the results right now is timely, given what this weekend marks one year since the controversial rally.

"The timing of the poll was very very intentional, and we wanted to get it just before the anniversary of last year so we can talk about how the American public can view issues like race and issues - like Confederate flags, monuments - and what should be done with them," said Geoffrey Skelley, UVA Center for Politics.

The results of the poll also show that 56 percent of Americans believe Confederate monuments should remain in public places.

The University of Virginia Center for Politics released the results of the poll now in hopes it will open discussion of different politic issues.

08/09/2018 Release from the University of Virginia Center for Politics: