Stuarts Draft Football, Jesse McCauley Ready to Roll in 2018

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Stuart Draft Football Stuart Draft Football
Stuart Draft Football Stuart Draft Football

Stuarts Draft football missed the playoffs last year and ended the season with a record of 5-5. Head coach Nathan Floyd is excited about the many newcomers for this year.

"We lost a lot of seniors from last year, so we have a lot of youth moving up. We're excited about the youth that we have coming up from our JV team," says coach. 

Jesse McCauley is a key player for the cougars and suffered an injury last year almost causing him to miss his senior season. 

"This is his third year starting for us. He's played a ton of games for us. We're going to lean on him," says coach. 

He tore his patellar tendon which has ultimately caused him to sit out during weight lifting and practice, but has made him much more appreciative of the game.

"It made me really think about it because last year I was like "Oh we have to run," or whatever, but now with my knee it's opened my eyes. I have to not take this for granted," says McCauley. 

"We have to modify his practice schedule. The funny thing is during defensive time he's going defense, then when it's JV defense he's helping the JV defense. He becomes a coach for half of practice. He's a smart kid and they're really taken to him," says coach. 

The leadership doesn't stop there. Senior Justin Brown is a huge role model for the Cougars, but what could help make for a successful season is the close-nit relationship Brown and McCauley have. 

"He's one of my closer friends and I have loved playing with him for over a decade now. We always correct each other and make sure we're each doing our part and doing it right so the younger guys have a mirror to look off of next year when they're the leaders in our footsteps," says Brown. 

"You don't want the same leaders on your team. You want different types of leadership to have for different types of situations," says coach.