Incoming High School Freshmen Facing New Requirements in Albemarle Co.

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Albemarle High School (FILE IMAGE) Albemarle High School (FILE IMAGE)

Albemarle County high schools are preparing for some changes for the class of 2022.

Students will have to meet some new requirements.

A seminar will be required for all incoming freshman at Albemarle High School. It will help them develop core skills to last through high school and beyond.

“Social-emotional learning is really more than a buzzword, even though it’s kind of a new term for people. But the social context the students learn in, as well as the emotional responses, and their personal motivation, matters. And freshman seminar should help students begin to take steps towards figuring those things out for themselves,” said Freshman Seminar Coordinator Steven Turner.

Over the next four years, students will also focus on internships and building other workplace skills.

More information will be made available when schedules are released late next week.