People from Charlottesville Area Participate in Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama

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About 100 community leaders and people from Charlottesville are in Montgomery, Alabama, on Thursday, July 12, as part of a civil rights pilgrimage.

The diverse delegation, which is made up of city councilors, members of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, UVA students, and community activists, is on a six-day trek to visit historic sites in the South.

Group members brought with them soil from the site of an 1898 Charlottesville lynching to bring to the new Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum in Montgomery.

"The more communities that embrace their own history of racial terrorism allows the rest of the country to understand that this is not about invasion, this is about dealing with our own problems and getting a better empathy for people who have been subjugated,” says Andrea Douglas, the executive director of the Jefferson School.

The trip kicked off on Sunday, July 8, which marked the anniversary of last year's KKK rally in Charlottesville.