ACPS Looks to Make Changes to Dress Code Policy to Reduce Offensive Clothing

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Many parents say the schools aren't yet doing enough Many parents say the schools aren't yet doing enough

Albemarle County Public Schools is looking to make a change to its dress code policy following complaints from parents about t-shirts that contained certain ideologies and images.

The lengthy document on what kids can and cannot wear now reads clothing that can be seen as offensive is not allowed on school grounds.

Students can wear an article of clothing, but if it causes an argument over the course of the school day then the school reserves the right to ask the student to change his or her outfit.

This amendment comes after a parent said her child was traumatized by seeing a Confederate flag in school.

“We selected this dress code policy as a way of unpacking our differences that we might have and to try to start a way of making changes in the school division,” says Bernard Hairston, the chief of the Office of Community Engagement.

The school board addressed this topic at its meeting on Tuesday, July 12, where some parents argues that the schools aren't doing enough.

"The policy you will be presented with tonight in agenda item 8.3 does nothing to ban Confederate images or to stop the ongoing violence inflicted on children of color in our schools," says Lara Harrison of the Hate-Free Schools Coalition. "It does absolutely nothing to show the world that ACPS will take a stand against white supremacist violence."

Parents who attended the meeting say they will continue voicing their disapproval of the new dress code until the school board specifically bans Confederate, white supremacist imagery from the classroom.